If she trippin, leave the bitch alone
Thats why you never catch a nigga sober
Hot boxing till this beef is over
I’m never scared got no pistol on me
Krapa, fasa baba lets
Start rolling up the jets
Krapa, fasa baba lets
Start rolling up the jets

When I rap, I overflow
And my swag is on overload
Came to your gig and I stole the show
Emtee a hustler, you already know
She use to ride me like a rodeo
Till she heard me on the radio
Where we at, why you hating though?
Stop hanging with these lames hoes
I’awthi yakho ineskorokoro, kuthen’ uchoma ndithi molo bo
Tlogela nthoeo, fasa zolo mou
Got hella bitches, call me Solomon


Kuthen’ ezenza ngcono lo?
I mean, who watches a monologue
Labantwana beza ngemihlolo
Got hella swishes on the floor
Lomtwan’ uhlel’ ekasi, she a north hoe
Flexin on the net, she a broke hoe
Ulal’ ekhishin nama kokorosh
Wenz’imal’ uthand ivoroso
HHP, uzenz’ ibosso lo
Hamb’ uyozi ngcwaba nay’ ifosholo
Im busy getting high, while u thinking that you fly


If she loyal, then I won’t control her
She’d probably turn into a smoker
Chain smoking sipping Coca-Cola
I am not an average stoner
Double cupping, got a bitch to roll up
Fuck small talk, nigga pour up!


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