The relevance of Babes Wodumo was debated on Twitter on Wednesday after she charged a whooping 100,000 rands to perform at the Buyel’Ekhaya Music Festival in East London. The annoying part of the whole thing is, she didn’t perform the only song she’s known for – Wololo.

With 100k rands wasted on a boring and useless performance, fans took to Twitter to argue over whether she is really worth paying 100K to walk around the stage or whether she isn’t that relevant yet in the industry.

Some fans think that she did not perform the Wololo song because she had become tired of performing the same song at every show. But wait… without Wololo she wouldn’t even be at the shows in the first place. When fans pay to watch Babes Wodumo perform, they only want to see her dance to Wololo and nothing else. Nobody cares about her other crap songs that nobody knows about. If she doesn’t release another hit song soon, she may end up being labeled a ‘one hit wonder’.

Most people feel R100k is too much for someone with only one hit song. What do you think? Is Babes Wodumo worth R100K? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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