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Wande Coal

Album: Wanted
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Wande Coal Wanted lyrics

Wande Coal, (born on October 18, 1985) as Oluwatobi Wande Ojosipe in Lagos Island, Lagos state, Nigeria, to Chief Ibukun Olufunto and Mrs Omolara Oluwayemisi Ojosipe. The first of two children, Wande...

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Wande Coal Wanted Lyrics

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[Wande Coal - Wanted lyrics]
Black Diamond
Black Diamond
It’s Wande Coal
Major Bangz

Won wa mi nigboro
Them dey find me nigboro
Won gbo mi nigboro
And them dey hear me mi nigboro
Cos awala’n fowosere
Apo apo al’owo lowo
Cos awala’n fowosere
Apo apo al’owo lowo
Won gbo mi nigboro
And them dey hear me mi nigboro
Won wa mi nigboro
Them dey find me nigboro
Cos awala’n fowosere
Apo apo mo l’owo lowo
Awama’n fowosere
mopo mopo al’owo lowo
Eh ye ye ye ye

[Verse 1]
Tell these people say I don come now yeah
Tell these people say I don come make dem hear
People wey dey talk bad things make dem hear
E don tey when I dey do things ino dey see ya
Everytime dem dey shake
Everytime dem dey want to celebrate
Me I don dey thank God say I make am
You sef thank God you go make am oh oh oh
Balance well and check am
So many brothers dem dey player hate
Money going round so I rotate
Now com’on bodyguard make you protect am
It is funny how you dey see me
Shey na because I no dey jam before
Shey na because I don dey break the law
But dont forget na me be the key to the door

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 2]
Baby my gbedu just dey drop
They call me Wande coal
And am moving up up
And all the girl start
To dey shake their booty non stop
Na where I dey work na there I must chop
And anytime I dey try to explain
To my people say
My people dey doubt
Dem talk say me I no fit stand
Abi na them get when i over understand
If you want to try me
You can go and chop sand
Some people still be looking like life is a joke
Instead them to be working
And be hustling for the dough
My people need to appreciate abi to let me know
And all the celebrities they already know
So this is what I’m tryna say basically
Anytime you see me make
You know say money dey
No jibiti you go know say money dey
If you go GTB you go see say money dey

[Repeat Chorus]

See sugar
Shebi na very important people we be
we no be regular
Shebi na game we dey play
we go play am the way we dey play snooker
Take it easy well easy with my people
And e no matter what you say
As long as we keep it burning everyday

[Repeat Chorus]
Wande Coal Wanted lyrics
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