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Simi Charlie lyrics

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Simi Charlie Lyrics

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[Simi - Charlie lyrics]
[Verse: Simi]
I've been trying
To write you a song for years
But I'm not sure what to say
Can't stop crying
Although you been gone for years
I wish that you could have stayed
See, I walked down the aisle just the other day
But you weren't there to walk me
I'm not mad o, I take that back I'm furious
I didn't take my chance to
Tell you goodbye and I love
Oooh I love you
Too many merry Christmases
Many many birthdays
That you have missed
I think about all things that could've been
Cheers to the future wey you no see
I want to make you proud
I hope you're in heaven smiling down
Say hello to the angels now
I'm still your angel now
Charlie, if I could see your face
One more day you're mine, Charlie
So many things I want to say
Like I miss you, I won't forget you and
This love will last
This love will last forever
Simi Charlie lyrics
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