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Shane Eagle

Album: Never Grow Up
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Shane Eagle Fears&Demons. lyrics

Shane Eagle is best known for making as one of the top three contestants on South African television show Vuzu: The Hustle. Shane was born raised in Johannesburg. He is of European descent from his...

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Shane Eagle Fears&Demons. Lyrics

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[Shane Eagle - Fears&Demons. lyrics]
Yeah, yeah
This right here got me feeling some type of way
I wish my fears, my problems, demons fly away
I can see from the pattern, it's clear
Only call you the greatest when you no longer here, uhh
I thought about that while I drove in the whip
Needle on E, think I need some gas in the whip
Pulled up to the nearest station, route central and shit
I hit the spliff, smoked the blunt with the petrol attendant
That nigga gave me a perspective that I never intended, uhh
He said: "Eagle, you the one, I’m the only one who know about you where I'm from
You the best-kept secret here in the slums, but I know the world's waiting for you, everyone
Here, take my story"
’Member that bitches ain't really be with it when chasin' the glory
Gotta find happiness, all on the way, hopin' it doesn't start fadin' away, 'cause that shit does
That's when niggas start panicking, tryna find happiness
Fuck it, might as well start chasin’ the bag again, and jump in the back again
My music like medicine, consume twice a day when you feeling low, I need the pain to fly away
Hopefully you will live to see a brighter day, and I will live and breathe to here what my idols say
’Til then I'm gettin’ no sleep on, until my shit the only thing that kids OD on, bitch
This right here got me feeling some type of way
I wish my fears, my problems, demons fly away
Okay, you ready to go?

Shane Eagle Fears&Demons. lyrics
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