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Angels and Demons


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Sarkodie Angels and Demons lyrics

Sarkodie, the fourth of five children, was born and raised in Tema,to his mother Maame Aggrey. Sarkodie started rapping at a young age and continued throughout his educational career. He attended Tema...

About Angels and Demons

In this song Sarkodie, the Highest, talks about few problems he is dealing with in the industry. He talks about how difficult it is to remain active in the Ghanaian Music Industry due to the almost ubiquitous "Pull Him Down syndrome".

Sarkodie Angels and Demons Lyrics

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[Sarkodie - Angels and Demons lyrics]
On it Atown on it
A! A! A! A!
[Verse 1]
Sometimes you gotta say it how it is
Alot of BS but I be keeping alot of it
First na anka mede pain no beba Twitter
But sesiaa menyin nniema no dooso I gotta swallow it
Ma choose ways that I deal with it
Silence dey kill critics
This is not a regular song this is real lyrics
They wanna still limit
Mame nka nokore nniema bi dey fit kill spirit
I swear down
[Verse 2]
Se mete me baabi na medwen me ho a
Yese Sarkodie dont want no one to follow himSe mehu obi na mepe se me boa no nso a
Yese “He was only trying to overshadow him”
What the fuck is wrong with you?
Aden kraa na mo focuse on the wrong issue?
Mo agu meho fii akye I need a long tissue
How do I stay relevant? I'm gon teach you
May God be with you!
[Verse 3]
Sesiaa yese a couple of gate-keepers
All they wanna do is bring a nigga down
Omo suban nyinaa aye se fake sneakers
Ye hye ne dem wode pue a ema yawa wo town
But I’m always gonna rise
Cos charle nokore no always overcome the lies
To my Sarknation everybody for relax
Se otanfo benya me a gye me shorte bars
But we no dey carry last
[Verse 4]
Afei obi mane nto me nue bema no se
Se odaaso dwen me ho a endie agoro wo nani so
Papa panyinmu na still a wo be gyimi die a
Adwuma na ahia
Wo nkolaasem no ebebo woti so
Babia madwen no da no mempe nkolaa agoro
Ebiaa wodae som ne se wobe trende wo Twitter
Medie medaso do wo
Nti daakye bi se w'adwene ba fie a
Wodie fre, your brother be your brother
[Verse 5]
Forgete am still the god
I'm not a human I’m a god
Wogoro me ho a wobeye sad
Babia meduru no I don’t give a f*ck
Meye rap mu Adjetey Sowah
Nansa yi se wobo shows a wogye lower?
Next time afei na wakuuli wonni ******
Gyae me fr3, make you only call me when you grow up
Sarkodie Angels and Demons lyrics
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