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Hard Truth

Prince Sani Gee

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Prince Sani Gee Hard Truth lyrics

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Prince Sani Gee (born Ibrahim Inusah Sani) is a Rapper/Executive Producer from Ghana. Born on June 16, 1992, Height 1.88 m, Eye color “Dark brown”, Zodiac sign “Gemini” Prince was born in Tema but gre...

About Hard Truth

On this song, Prince spoke about how people dying from sickness and poverty but the government always come with lies with no help. Encouraging the youth not to be scared to tell the truth. Prince sampled a powerful speech from Louis Farrakhan and Denzel Washington. It's really a song you should listen to. Produced by Papito GT & Zane98

Prince Sani Gee Hard Truth Lyrics

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[Prince Sani Gee - Hard Truth lyrics]
{Intro: Louis Farrakhan Sr}
The real truth may come out
Maybe a few years down the road
And when it comes out
You are not going to feel too good about it

{Verse: Prince Sani Gee}
They said close your eyes when you praying
People dying, People crying
The Government lying
Give it all
What’s there to gain
The rich being rich, The poor being poor
That’s ain’t what I saw, Word to Paul
The kinda world we will dying for
Dying for, lying for, cheating for and killing for
Create the fucking virus, just a fucking trade war
Yes I said it,sad souls screaming
Feels like we dreaming ah
This is real life
Wake up to reality
Africa, always that pic of poverty
Ain’t none you can tell we
Seen it all, seen it all
What’s your goals?
What’s your dreams? nah
We got no dreams
Suffer for a daily meal
Fake it the new real
Fake leaders, fake preachers
Practice what you preach and
Practice what you teach
Remember time flies
Authority cover up with fucking lie
Truth be told, i ain’t scared to die

{Outro: Denzel Washington}
In other to achieving your goals
You must apply discipline
Which you’ve already done
And consistency
Everyday, not just on Tuesday
And just a few days
You have to work at it
Everyday, you have to plan
Everyday, you heard the saying, we don’t ...
Prince Sani Gee Hard Truth lyrics
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