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Patoranking Killing Me lyrics

About Killing Me

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Patoranking Killing Me Lyrics

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[Patoranking - Killing Me lyrics]
It’s E Kelly

Baby oh oooo eh (x4)
Killing me killing me with your Love ay
(killing me) (x4)

[Verse 1 – Patoranking]
When i look the future
Girl na you me picture
Open your heart, me want to love,
Girl you no go injure
Me no need no mixture
What a lovely creature
This love me no go puncture
Say ya don’t know for your love me go mad
Say ya don’t know for your love me give thanks
Ya don’t know for your love me no run
Girl ya don’t know for your love me no play pranks

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 2 – Patoranking]
So anytime
You come around
Your love ah hold me
Hold me ground
Feel the sound
Feel the sound
Baby for your love i went lost but found
Getting money
No be like

[Repeat Chorus]
Patoranking Killing Me lyrics
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