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Demarco Owna Don lyrics


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Demarco Owna Don Lyrics

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[Demarco - Owna Don lyrics]

Frass, none a wi no beggie, beggie
So dem cyaa promise man nothing
After wi no press button
Give thanks fi wa mi have cause mi no licky, licky
Mi no grudgeful dog, mi no glutton
Yo know how far mi a come from and still a hold it
From poverty until mi have supn
Now mi hear some likkle bwoy come a talk bout di don come
Tell di don call nothing[Chorus:]
Tell dem mi a mi own a don
Mi no answer to no man
Mi own a don, naw beg sponsor fi mi hand
Mi own a don, meck dem come wid dem gang
Mi still no computer, no tek program
Mi own a don, mi meck mi own move
Mi own a don, set mi own rule
Mi own a don, step mi own shoes
Bwoy violate mi get mi own tools[Verse 1:]
Hey fross, no talk wi no tek from wi a juvenile
Go Clark's, never crep when wi a do di tile
Bun up, bun up, di fire pon di cooking oil
Wi no laugh no skin teeth, wi no rookie smile
Fi mi hand alone fi touch di pocket weh mi put di toil
Mi heart bitter like serusi weh yo put fi boil
All dem a study, and a watch wi, and a look fi find
Tell dem a wi a write di book fi style[Chorus][Verse 2:]
Real gangsters no penny wise and pound foolish
No bwoy cyaa rule this
From mi likkle bit a grow tell yuh weh di truth is
Di street mark wi never foolish
Cyaa call mi inna no meeting bout dem a go beat fi mi body
Dem cyaa bruise this
When wi seh badness a no play, no movie, no show bwoy
A no Tom Cruse this[Chorus][Intro][Chorus][Verse 1][Chorus][Verse 2]

Demarco Owna Don lyrics
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