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Demarco Nuff Gal lyrics

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Demarco Nuff Gal Lyrics

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[Demarco - Nuff Gal lyrics]

A mi seh brown bottle, brown bottle, green bottle, pink
Pink bottle caw the gyal dem a link
Every man to a girl when wi a drink
A wa some likkle bwoy think[Verse 1:]
Mi entourage nuff an the gyal dem nuff
Bay thugs deh yah an the whole a dem rough
Mi waan some hot gyal fi wine back it up
Way how shi a bubble shi meck my cocky tough
Baby wine up, set so good line up
Me an your body girl haffi join up
Up pon da hill deh yuh haffi climb up
Tell some idiot bwoy seh dem time up[Chorus:]
A could a sprink, could a summer, could a fall
Every season wi get nuff gyal
Out a road my respect tall
My name all the girls dem a call
Nuff gyal, nuff gyal we have
Gyal from Kingston, Senti, gone to Sav
Nuff gyal, nuff gyal we have
A we response fi the gyal dem[Verse 2:]
Gyal back fi sink in from me shi linking
Could a fat, could a maga like a string bean
All eyes on yuh so yo know yuh being seen
Dash out thr thing give it weh to king queen
Put yo foot inna the fight meck mi drop inna the skin
All a the gyal dem deh pon my team
When the gyal dem si mi dem flash dem eye beam
Hey shi ready fi the riding[Chorus][Verse 1][Chorus][Intro][Verse 1][Chorus]

Demarco Nuff Gal lyrics
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