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Dutty Badmind


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Demarco Dutty Badmind lyrics

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Demarco Dutty Badmind Lyrics

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[Demarco - Dutty Badmind lyrics]

Wi nah tarry caw bad mind deh yah
Wi nah tarry caw bad mind deh yah
Mi and dem use to spar together[Chorus:]
Wi done know dem hate wi longtime
Wi know the whole a dem hate wi long time
And mi no in a nothing wid dutty bad mind
No in a nothing wid dutty bad mid
Dem no waan si mi career a shine
Dem deh company deh mi nah join
Mi no in a nothing wid dutty bad mind
Mi no in a nothing wid dutty bad mind[Verse 1:]
Unuh hear this year wi a go shift up people like gear
Dem no waan fi si wi wear wi criss nike air
A sit down and a rock out wi name like chair
Dem waan mi fi fall and pop down I swear
From yo bad mind then yo cyaa come near
Dutty heart people and good cyaa compare
Chat behind mi back and si mi hand yah come tear
Mi talk mi mind and mi no care caw[Repeat Chorus][Verse 2:]
Steven yo no seet, the whole a dem waan gimmi coffin and reit
Dem would a waan hear seh mi heart stop beat
No have food and clothe mi cyaa know weh mi sleep
Old rubbish meck wi pack the whole a dem up in a heap
A nuff a dem a wolf a gwaan like dem a sheep
Jah protect mi from the dutty enemies in a the street
So when dem bad mind mi fi mi heart nah go leap
Taht’s why certain friends mi no keep caw[Repeat Chorus][Repeat Verse 1][Repeat Chorus][Repeat Intro]

Demarco Dutty Badmind lyrics
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