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Bun Demon & Devil


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Demarco Bun Demon & Devil lyrics

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Demarco Bun Demon & Devil Lyrics

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[Demarco - Bun Demon & Devil lyrics]

Bruce Lee, bun up, bun up
Satan a wah happen to yo
Wi bun Lucifer
So tell some boy no bother wid no devil worshiping inna da music yah
So tell a fool if a boy ever touch mi daughter wi si who sicker[Chorus:]
Naw spar wid no devil father God mi rate
A demon meck pickiny get rape
A wah some artiste boy a emulate
Dem a bring destruction an my gain earth quake
Before dem bring back poor people faith
Yuh no si Sandy box the food from dem plate
A morning nuff no know weh dem a wake
Hear mi no Jamaica meck wi build back wi place[Verse 1:]
Ananda Dean should a meck yo know seh
No promote no devil, no demon no day
Look how much church deh from Poppine to Mobay
No waan I blood a run like the Rio Cobre
Wonder if some bwoy really know seh
Seh mi talk mi mind no pree wa crowd seh
Caw no bwoy cyaa thruck mi like Lela no day
Bad lock yo fi keep da mouth deh[Chorus][Verse 2:]
In the time of revelation yo no si Jamaica split up
Segregation boy fi a sing song wa fi elevate man
Wi no waan si another sigribraton, not another Vietnam
Youths let go Satan, go plow the land
Meck wi renovate pon, if yo cyaa lead the place gi another great man
Hope dem a wait pon
Bad news mi si yeh pon every other station[Chorus]

Demarco Bun Demon & Devil lyrics
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