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Bout Yah


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Demarco Bout Yah lyrics

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Demarco Bout Yah Lyrics

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[Demarco - Bout Yah lyrics]

Tell dem Morris Code
Tell dem seh we rough a road
Ghetto youth nuff a road
Wi tried a the rough a road[Chorus:]
Ghetto youths dem fi rich bout yah, bout yah
Dawg the beas dem fi pitch bout yah, bout yah
Fi mi sneakers fi criss bout yah, bout yah
But wi nah turn no snitch bout yah, bout yah
Wi nah promote no fish bout yah, bout yah
Cause the rifle dem nuh itch bout yah, bout yah
Suh meck mi tell some walawist bout yah, bout yah
Man wi put dem pon the fridge bout yah, bout yah[Verse 1:]
Real ghetto youths dem nuh f–k round
From yo fumble dawg yo dead in a the first round
Anywhere wi step it haffi shut down
Ghetto youths wi live in a big house up town
From Samacon back to Compound
Only fee a spend nuh waan fi hear nuh gun sound
Big up the real hustlers dem over down town
Mi waan richer than Joe from down sound[Repeat Chorus][Verse 2:]
Hey, this is a hustling thing
Ghetto youths look wa the hustling bring
Go fi the house nuh bother go fi bling, bling
From Tower Hill, Max Field to cling, cling
Burn up, meck mi tell yuh another something
Nuh man nuh fi a meck a man a pimp him
Ready fi the road start up the engine
Fi meck money that a fi wi inthing[Repeat Chorus][Repeat Verse 1][Repeat Chorus][Repeat Intro][Repeat Chorus]

Demarco Bout Yah lyrics
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