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Badman Place


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Demarco Badman Place lyrics

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Demarco Badman Place Lyrics

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[Demarco - Badman Place lyrics]

Badman place, in a badman place
Yuh no fi look in a nuh badman face
Badman place, this a badman place[Chorus:]
When mi tell dem lyrics
This a nuh no rhyming
Tower Hill, a nuh hill fi go climbing
Water House a nuh pool fi yo try swim
Max Field, a no ball field fi piling
Rock Ford, a no stone fi yo try fling
C View, unuh better lock up unuh eye king
Stand Pipe, gyal alone get wi piping
Canta Berry, a nuh berry fi no biting[Verse 1:]
Tell informer lock yo mouth when wi a roll out
Cause it no tek wi nothing fi shows a soul out
Man a represent every zink fence and board house
Member wi no spend money weh wi no know bout
Mi find out a talking dem in a
Dem waan stop mi from roll out the black Beemer
Dem badmind Demarco and Jah Vinci the singer
Meck the place get hot and dem cyaa stay in yah[Repeat Chorus][Verse 2:]
Seh dem a don
Pu–y yuh a Danavan
Dem over deh suh
Wi over yah suh, who a the badder man?
Hail up Damel and Dean dem over Samacon
Wi naw go run from no war like a mister marathon
Suh tell some likkle bwoya road seh dem fi chad along
Dem only chat dem badness in a bag a song
Mi nuh twitter, mi no instagram fi follow man
Dem cyaa drape nor calla man[Repeat Chorus][Outro:]
My place, badman place
Tell dem badness nuh wear pon face
A nuh chattings yo cyaa si badman trace
That a nuh badman ways[Repeat Chorus]

Demarco Badman Place lyrics
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