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The King Is Here (Ft. KR3Wmatic)


D'Banj The King Is Here (Ft. KR3Wmatic) lyrics

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D'Banj The King Is Here (Ft. KR3Wmatic) Lyrics

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[Verse 1]
Reminisce, KR3Wmatic, Kokomaster
E sha ti mo pe oga ni master
When i hold the mic i smoke it like Rasta
Who's tryna beef? I go eat you like pasta
(Ugh) Diss a star, dis-a-ster
Started from the bottom now i'm a rap star
KR3W, a lyrical monster
Ride along with Matic as i go faster
Shout out to 'em niggas poppin' the bottles
They sippin' on doubles to forget they troubles
And chillin' with models blowin' them like bubbles
They ain't got no worries cause they gettin' money
Still keepin' it lyrical
How i switch flow sound like miracle?
I'm a god in my physical
Flow so sick gettin' more critical


[Verse 2]
I'm doing it bigger, smokin' hot like cigar
Shoutout to my niggas, fingers on the trigger
Some hating the nigga, some rating the nigga
They stalkin' my twitter, I'm stackin' my papers
(No problem) Got no time for them, KR3W moneymaker
Money gon' turn your niggas to fakers
They gon hate when you ballin' like Lakers
Million dollars comes with a billion haters
Got no time for no hater
Chillin' with king, The Kokomaster
Sippin' on ciroc, tippin' the waiters
One time for twerkers the booty shakers
Got 'em haters trippin' like skaters
I'm the greatest, nobody greater
Props to Bangerlee, The Kokomaster
Fi le...


[Verse 3]
The king is here, put your hands up in the air
The king is here, got bars for y'all to hear
Listen here, imma bring life to your ears
The real is here, been killin' beats for years
KR3W the Don, gon' show y'all how it's done
Run this town, lyrically gon' hold it down
Word is bond, i ain't never gon' lose to clowns
The king is here, i ain't never gon' lose the crown

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