Adekunle Gold - Gold (Intro)  Lyrics

Gold (Intro)

Adekunle Gold

Album: Gold
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Adekunle Gold Gold (Intro) lyrics

Adekunle Kosoko, popularly known by his stage name Adekunle Gold, is a Nigerian singer, songwriter and graphic designer. He describes his genre of music as urban highlife. His 2014 single "Sade" recei...

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Adekunle Gold Gold (Intro) Lyrics

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[Adekunle Gold - Gold (Intro) lyrics]
Been through a lot i’m standing strong
Gone through hell but i’m still so cool
Is there anything that i want to be known for?
It’s that i wasn’t known to give up
Many times have fallen down
No time, I got to rise up
Is there anything I want you to remember
it’s that I have been brave

2008 I wanted a name
I spoke to God, he took me to church
He said son you are golden,
There’s nothing better, better than gold
Now I’m in the light, I'm shining bright
it is my time, i will live it like it’s gold

Call me Gold
Cause I am Gold
I am made of Gold
Call me Gold
Cause I'm golden
oh oh
I'm made of Gold.
Adekunle Gold Gold (Intro) lyrics
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