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Last Seen 28 (Intro)


Album: Last Seen 28
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Unknown Last Seen 28 (Intro) lyrics

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Unknown Last Seen 28 (Intro) Lyrics

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[Unknown - Last Seen 28 (Intro) lyrics]
(Whoo), (aye) (yeah) (whoo), aye (yeah)
(eh) (heh) yeah, (whoo), aye (yeah) ...

This last seen last, last this last seen (ooh) (ooh)
This last seen (yeah)x2, last seen 28 (oooh)
I'm on fire this week, I better go hop on the beach
I just gonna flow on the beat, that just with the harmony
Ye, last seen (last) (seen), 28 (whoo) I'm on a last seen
That's on me last seen, (whee) last seen, last seen 28
Last seen 28, last seen 28

[Verse 1: 28homeboy]
I been bleeding on the monsters
[?] (Yeah)
This was Halloween, never calling me, (yeah)
You never calling me like (a) babyface or a machine
Tha peace out
How you put your steeze on me
I play on my own beat, like Fifth Harmony
Bad teddy, don't mention teddy, ain't no nigga with the physicals
I'm so flexy dawg, [?] Yeah
Have I told you that shit lokho, someone on me
Harmony (yeah) I'm on my breeze, yeah
Have I ever told you, you niggas got a fake ass or folk ass
Whoo, aye, bro doesn't wanna listen to my [?]
Ain't no nigga with a better prank, I just got banked
(Whoo) I got bars (yeah) I'm back with bars
Ain't no nigga with [?] last week heading back
Last seen 28, ain't nigga had the face, blocked by with no po-po
Oh I ain't listen to your stanza, yeah
Whoo, whoo...
Unknown Last Seen 28 (Intro) lyrics
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