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Real Name: Enetimi Alfred Odom
AKA: Egberi Papa 1 of Bayelsa
Date of Birth / Age: 29th November, 1977 (47 years)
Country: Nigeria
Hometown: Odi, Bayelsa State.
Net Worth: Unknown


Timaya (born November 29, 1977, Port Harcourt) is an award winning Nigerian musician popular for socially conscious music that constantly references the role of God in overcoming difficult circumstances. His first major hit titled ‘Dem Mama’ - from his 2007 sophomore album ‘TRUE STORY’ – is an account of the 1999 destruction of Odi, The village was burnt down and numerous people killed. Timaya bravely tackled the topic years later and won instant street credibility for his boldness. Timaya is the rave of the Nigerian music scene, with a lot of musicians interested in doing collaborations with him. In the past he has collaborated with J Martins and P Square on the J Martins award winning Owey (Good or Bad) and with Kefee on Kokoroko as well as numerous others, Timaya the Egberi Papa 1 (the peoples town crier) of Bayelsa. Mr. Timaya is presently a UN Ambassador of Peace. The singer/songwriter knows what hardship and success is all about and at the moment has no plans of coming down the ladder for anybody.

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