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Real Name: Gabriel Tochukwu Ofordumogu
AKA: T-Plux
Date of Birth / Age: 11th January, 1999 (25 years)
Country: Nigeria
Hometown: Imo State, Nigeria
Net Worth: Unknown


Gabriel Tochukwu Ofordumogu, was born into a Christian family in Benin City, Edo State. T-Plux grew up singing while in secondary school. He attained his primary and secondary school education in Edo State.

T-Plux began his music career in early 2018. He has worked with several producers, including Bob Mix, Desbeatz, and Sequence. T-Plux first music video was "Secret Love". The music video for the song was shot in Nigeria, directed by BOB.O. The song became Nigerians first choice

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