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Real Name: Owenaze notayo Samuel
Date of Birth / Age: 11th July,
Country: Nigeria
Hometown: Nigeria
Net Worth: Unknown


Notayo Owenaze Samuel, better known by his stage name "Notayoo," is a rising recording and performing artist from Lagos, Nigeria. He began his music career in 2015 with a neo-soul mixtape dubbed "I Have An Imperfect Image." He released his debut single, "Move," in 2019. "Move" is the culmination of a series of unreachable desires. Shortly after releasing "Move," he revealed his upcoming single, "Dumebi." "Dumebi" was featured on the top 10 lists of 49 Streets Underground and Pulse Nigeria , among others. The R&B Afropop single made rounds and established a standard for subsequent works. He released "Down" in 2021, an unorthodox reveal that is as real as it gets. Notayoo's music is simply a reflection of his soul. The R&B X Afrobeat artist has several projects currently in the works. The first, "Jam It," was released on July 22, 2022. “Jam It” is a mellow club jam fused with a cloud 9 aura. His next single “Utaka” features the amapiano vibe and it drops Sept 9!!!

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