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Real Name: Lungile Solomon Manzi
AKA: Neon-Zenith
Date of Birth / Age: 13th February, 1995 (29 years)
Country: South Africa
Hometown: Fochville
Net Worth: Unknown


Lungile Solomon Manzi, aka Neon-Zenith was born in Potchefstroom, North West, South Africa 1995. Neon-Zenith works predominantly in the arts of music such as rap, music production, graphic design and songwriting.
Now this guy is an unpredictable, aquarius born impulsive ambivert musician. Woaw, bombastic words, in simple terms he's a South African rapper/producer/musical artist from Fochville, Gauteng, raised in Potchefstroom and determined to ensure that his goals of making good music are accomplished. This guy got inspired to rap from a young age prior to the new age movement and according to him his primary goal with, the website he founded including the music was to attempt to ensure the betterment of humanity by giving everyone hope and in the long run be enabled to employ other artists with talent, that lack either opportunity or ambition to suffice for their progression. He's working hard to reach his dreams, whilst there have been ups and downs along the road, it seems like he's figured out just what to do and what he needs to get done, he's also managed to ensure that his music is easily accessible and available for everyone on a lot of online platforms and saving the best for last, he utters that making music could save a life, so let's do what's right and spread more love.

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