Necall Rodeo
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Real Name: Quinton Necall Rodeo
AKA: The-Monkey, Shiz BeeQ , Kabza WeMet
Date of Birth / Age: 31st December, 1996 (25 years)
Country: South Africa
Hometown: Middelburg
Net Worth: Unknown



[h]Growing Up[/h]
Song Writer Quinton Kabelo Happy Mashiane(Rangkwe), aka Necall Rodeo was born in Kempton Park,neighbourhood of Johannesburg in 1996 But relocated to Jane Furse in 2004.He later moved to Middelburg in 2006 where he started reading newspapers and participating in the local Municipalities programs. Later started loving politics. Raised by the streets of Middelburg, Johannesburg And Limpopo, People believe his talent and his hip hop music will change too many people’s life’s. Necall Rodeo started writing music when he was 8 years old in Primary School. He grew up listening to hip hop music and he was inspired by the music his uncle played. Necall Rodeo has always looked up to 2pac and followed a similar path as him in his music career.

Necall Rodeo always emphasizes that “music must deliver a massage, make people feel good and change life’s”, he plans to change people’s life with his music.

“Music is the most influential and amazing tool in the world!” says Necall Rodeo .

[h]Music Background[/h]
In school whilst learners engaged in school activities, Necall Rodeo was busying writing songs that express the way he feels about the society and recording projects that he now says he is not ready to publish. In 2019, june 24th he recorded a song titled “Nobuddy” and performed it at s school named “Mphanama Comprehensive School” during an event of Miss and Mr Mphanama. He promised he will drop the song end of September 2019 as a Single. The single that will be released on End of September 2019 features No artist yet is an amazing soon, with catchy chorus, a proud demonstration of fake love, setting the record straight that he loves Nobuddy because of the fake love he gets from the society and friends .

“Everything Music”, says Necall Rodeo In his video clips

Is going to be an exciting year most especially that Necall Rodeo’s fans are waiting on the Single titled “Nobuddy” dropping in End of September 2019.
The young rapper also can’t wait to released the single. Work and release more songs as the year goes on.

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