Mr Puaz
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Real Name: Joel Vicent Joseph
AKA: Mr Puaz
Date of Birth / Age: 31st March, 1985 (38 years)
Country: Tanzania
Hometown: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Net Worth: 850000


Born on 31st March 1985 in Arusha, Tanzania where he spent his childhood with his family and later moved to Dar es salaam,

His music life started at early 2000 where he was dancing and get paid per night, but he later on realize he has the talent to sing as well after being around several music studios in Arusha. He did few songs like Sweet baby, Kila Wakati and Usiku Wa Leo . His first performance on stage got him paid 3,000 Tanzania Shillings which is equivalent to 1 US Dollar. He later started learning about music production with the help of DX who is the producer from Arusha.

He moved to Dar se Salaam as he was employed to a telecommunication company and at the same time doing entertainment activities which linked him with most celebrities in Tanzania like Wema Sepetu , Lulu Michael, Jackline Wolper, Diamond Platnumz, Shetta and many more. His relationship with celebrities especial Musicians brought him so close in the music business where he started associate himself to work with some of the musicians in Tanzania..

In 2015 after, he met with Harmonize at Sallam`s house where he got introduced by Diamond Platnumz that Harmonize will be the first artist to be signed under WCB Wasafi record label. So he was asked to help Harmonize on creating his YouTube Channel and upload Harmonize first song on YouTube which is called Aiyola, a song that introduce Harmonize in Bongflava music. Back then, Joel was still employed so he couldn’t fully participate with Harmonize moving forward on his career but he was there to assist him on the digital side. In 2016, Joel involved himself with another artist called Shetta where they worked on the project called "Namjua" then he dropped out from the artist as he was still employed somewhere else.

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