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Real Name: Musa Ibrahim Musa
AKA: Mosbeekhan, Gingerh Boy
Date of Birth / Age: 23rd July, 2001 (23 years)
Country: Nigeria
Hometown: Jos
Net Worth: Unknown


Musa Ibrahim Musa, professionally known as Mosbeekhan, also known as Gingerh Boy, is a Nigerian afropop singer-songwriter who hails from Jos, Plateau State.

Gifted with musical talent since his childhood, Mosbeekhan developed an interest in music at the age of 14 after discovering his talent at Junior Secondary School. He can never be described as an underachiever. Musical excellence was always the intended path for the musician, having first displayed his vocal talents during his school days when he took lead in the school Drama and Peace Club. Since then, he has continued to excel, eclipsing his contemporaries with his unique blend of genres.

In January 2019, Mosbeekhan recorded and released his first single titled "Yau Nafara", which was included as the opening track from his first extended play of the same name. After a long time without releasing songs, in 2021 he came back with freestyle and cover songs videos that go viral on his YouTube channel and other social media platforms. In 2022, he founded his own record label called Gingerh Theengs Music. This gave him full confidence to released melody, love, and motivational songs and videos like, "Can't Relate", "One Hit" and some short videos, which lead him to significant success.

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