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Real Name: Moh'd Tohir Abdulmalik
AKA: Truth Monster
Date of Birth / Age: 8th April, 2001 (22 years)
Country: Nigeria
Hometown: Wuse, Abuja
Net Worth: 17000


Moh'd Tohir Abdulmalik was born into an Islamic family in Abuja, Nigeria. Miik3Murd grew up singing and rapping while in secondary school. He attained his primary and secondary school education in Immaculate Heart School Abuja. Then he studied Computer science in Kogi State Polytechnic Lokoja. Which helped him in advancing and taking his company to the top “Miik Africa”.

Miik3Murd Came from a medium rated family where they are not that rich but still eat and live a peaceful life all day long. He said on an interview with set.fm that back then he was given no food to school but He still have to strive hard to make things he ever wished to always happen. Although, his parents never supported him in his music career because of the Islamic family he came from. But he said in the interview that what always kept him going forward was the love he got from his friends in the street and also in school. He started Schooling in Kogi State polytechnic before the arrival of “Covid 19” in Nigeria and he started to release more songs because there was no way to attend school.

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