Maua Sama
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Real Name: Maua Sama
Date of Birth / Age: 27th August, 1990 (32 years)
Country: Tanzania
Net Worth: Unknown


Early Beginnings
Maua Sama started singing from a very young age. Her parents initially did not approve of it and wanted her to focus on her studies.
Admist all of the pressure from parents, and the desire to quit school to focus completely on her music, she eventually completed school.

Maua Sama was discovered by Mwana FA in 2013. He listened to some of her songs at the time, and immediately liked her voice.
He bought her a flight ticket to Dar es Salaam, where they met and made plans to work together. Not long after that, they released a song together called "So Crazy" in February 2013.

About her hit song "Iokote" with Hanstone, she has said that she never imagined that the song would become that big because it was her first time ecploring that genre of music.

2018 Arrest
In September 2018, Maua Sama and a Tanzanian radio presenter Soudy Brown were arrested for "Lowering the dignity of the Tanzanian currency".
Maua Sama had reposted a video on instagram showing some fans dancing to her song Iokote while stepping on the Tanzanian currency.
They were held at the Central police station in Dar Es Salaam.

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