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Country: Nigeria
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Leo Wonder, the Multi-Talented superstar singer, dancer and writer who hails from Osun state (state of the living spring) has busted onto the scene in a manner that has left a lot of folks speechless.

The journey into the music scene started from the Church where he used to be a choir master, he practically sings the lead, alto, tenor, soprano and takes all the back up vocals all by himself without the help of any additional voices.

Started up as a member of a music group called the Musketeers in late 90's with frend now turned solo artiste, Morachi, they recorded in the studios along side the likes of the Plantashun boys, PaulPlay, Ojb, Nomoreloss, Mr Kool, Zdon, Gino, the late Da-grin, Naeto-c, YQ and a host of others.

His vocal abilities are proved on his powerful single effort,which provides a sensational sound for the listener 'Blackberry' which features Skales.

Leo wonder is bringing together some well knowns in the music world to produce his most anticipated Album having featured with Nigeria's Indigenous acts such as: KB (Trybes men), Mo'rachi, Timi d black 1, Gino, Sossick, Isolate, Samklef, Skales, Joe-kenny, Mr cool and recently Tiwa savage.

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