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Real Name: Olagunju Martins Oluwabukunmi
AKA: Lamar , Lamar Boy
Date of Birth / Age: 3rd August, 2000 (24 years)
Country: Nigeria
Hometown: Ibadan
Net Worth: 0000000000000000000


Olagunju Martins Oluwabukunmi stage name is Lamarcrescendo ,
The stage name was derived from the surname Olagunju; " LA" and the first name Martins; "MAR" , CRESCENDO is about music
Lamarcrescendo started his music career when he was in age 17, He joined church choir when he was in age 10 , He was backup singer then when decided to be composing songs for the church choir but he later changed the church when challenges come to his family, When he got to the other church he decided not to join the choir.
He is an independent artist who uses unique styles to sing, he listened to all kinds of songs, His genres of music are consists of sub-genres in Afrobeats and also Rnb and some other genres.
Lamarcrescendo stays indoor while other guys were outside playing football and other sports, He always listening to music, we can call him music addict, when is around people will know because of the music playing, He has no skills but made music his hobby, While his friends were arguing about sports , he kept mute but if it's music he would contribute 100% to it , that's why they classified him as Musical genius .
He's a singer and songwriter, he needs people supports to get a record deal to be showcased to the world very soon.

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