Lady Zamar
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Real Name: Yamikan Janet Banda
Date of Birth / Age: ,
Country: South Africa
Net Worth: Unknown


Lady Zamar, born Yamikan Janet Banda has been singing for a while now. The songstress has featured on some hits such as: Pitori, Mamelodi, Dark Shadows, Love is Blind and Charlotte.

The songstress spoke to DRUM about her music, new life and her set at the upcoming Drum Beat Concert.

How does it feel to have your own album out finally?

It feels independent, I have control. When working with many different producers it is easy to lose yourself as an artist because you have to do what they want. Even with all the features I’ve done, they all sound different because it’s what they want.

It’s been three months since the release of your debut album King Zamar. How has it been seems then for you?

Ever since the release, these three months have been busy. I’ve always been a brand but now my brand is more solidified. Now that I have the album I’m not treated like I was as a feature artist. I am getting booked for gigs that I wouldn’t have if I was still a featured artist. I am getting VIP treatment its good.

I’m planning a King Zamar concert tour for 2018 actually, and we kind of tried it out earlier this month and there was a good turnout. Also there is a documentary coming about my life in these past few months with everything that’s been happening for me.

You’re one of the acts for the upcoming DRUM Beat concert. What can we expect from Lady Zamar?

I have an interesting set planned. All the hits that I have been a part of I am going to perform. I’m planning to do a full acoustic version of Love Is Blind maybe in the middle of the set and then do the dance house version at the end of my set.

You have a single called 'My Baby' out. Please tell us does Lady Zamar have a bae?

No, not at all. I'm not in a relationship, I actually just came out of one recently. It's not a big thing though. I wrote that song about my first love which is and always was writing and teaching. I had plans to go teach in Korea but after we (Junior Taurus and I) released Run Away and it took off I decided to stay and keep with music. I was depressed though when my musical carer took off and I didn't go into studio for about five months because I was still thinking about teaching in Korea.

What Inspires Lady Zamar's music?

I am a thinker. I’m often told by my family that I get lost in my thoughts all the time. I look at everything and anything and get inspired. I could see a car accident on the highway and I’d think about the family who’s just lost someone or I look at nature and am inspired by it. I love, love and writing about it because we live in such a terrible world, i just want to do what i can to make it better somehow.

Okay, tell us somethings people would be surprised to know about Lady Zamar.

I love trucks. I’ve always had a dream of owning one and just parking it and looking at it all the time.
I used to play soccer in high school.
I absolutely hate peanut butter.
I have stage fright.

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