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Real Name: Sindiswe Magoso
Date of Birth / Age: ,
Country: South Africa
Hometown: Umzinto, Kan, South Coast of Durban
Net Worth: Unknown


Sindiswe Magoso, (19) grew up in Kan, South Coast of Durban in a village called Umzinto. She got inspired by music at a very young age after being raised in an environment where she became drawn to Hip Hop and Jazz music.

From the age of 8 is when she began to discover and groom her musical gift. Sindi was inspired by artists like South Africa’s female extraordinaire, the late Lebo Mathosa and Brenda Fassie which influenced her sound and style of music. Her musical career finally surfaced in 2017 when she decided to join award winning record label Ambitiouz Entertainment and created a stage name for her persona, La Sauce. The name LaSauce came about by the character Sindisiwe Magoso is and the background. Diverse cultures and diverse languages and style have a great influence.

She speaks four different languages including Arabic and isiZulu.

Since her signing with Ambitiouz Entertainment, she released her debut single “Coolerbag” which has gotten over 26,000 downloads and is on high rotation on national radio stations all over South Africa. Cooler bag is mostly inspired by the youth and the energy one has when going out and enjoying life. The multi-talented songstress was also featured in Miss Pru’s latest single “Phumelela” alongside Emtee, Saudi, Sjava and Amanda Black which has already become her favourite song to date.

“Ambitiouz is more like a home for music and it inspires me to work with great artists like Emtee and Sjava” she says. She plans to release more music and grow her sound and craft her performance ability to an ultimate high, along with releasing visuals.

Broken lipstick is a resolutely confident and skillful R&B album that explores the notions of control and honesty. “Broken lipstick is my story, its about the development of a young adult in this era, it means that if 2 individuals had broken lipstick chances are that one would throw it away the other would still find it useful. No matter where we come from we might go through the same situations but deal with them differently“. She is quoted as saying. “It’s my first album and I’m super excited to introduce a new sound while making young adults relate more to music.

This is the happiest day of my life and I hope everyone enjoys listening to it as much as I enjoyed putting it together” This 16 track project is full of love and heartbreak bangers, with many quotable lyrics. It features a slew of major names in the music industry such as Davido, Amanda Black, Emtee, KLY and Lisa.
Notable singles from the album include her debut single “Cooler bag”, "I Do" featuring Amanda Black, Number one and Ncese.

LaSauce is one of the redefining voices of today’s contemporary music era. The Broken Lipstick Album encompasses songs that were birthed from her own personal experiences, and fans should expect a fusion of unconventional musical elements and a unique sound.

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