Erick Rush
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Real Name: Erick Rushubirwa
Date of Birth / Age: 28th March, 1990 (33 years)
Country: Unknown
Net Worth: Unknown


[h]DSTV Interview[/h]

When did you meet Hip Hop? 1996

Top 3 international hip hop artist of all time? Andre 3000, Tupac
 and Lil Wayne

Top 3 local hip hop artist of all time? Khuli Chana, AKA
 and Tumi

What 5 words best describe you? Illest rapper you never heard.

Where do you think the future of hip hop is going in SA? I see a lot of originality emerging, so I see SA hip hop forming its own lane in hip hop culture.

If you could Battle any mc right now, who would it be? Cassidy

Which SA producers would you love to work with? Yanga

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