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Real Name: Busisiwe Edith Twala
AKA: Cici
Date of Birth / Age: 15th February, 1987 (37 years)
Country: South Africa
Hometown: Ladysmith, KwaZulu Natal
Net Worth: Unknown


[h]Early Beginnings[/h]

Born on the 15th of February 1987 in a town called Ladysmith located in KwaZulu Natal, Busisiwe Edith Twala better known as Cici, is a renowned singer, actor and fierce dancer that has had an impact on the growth and development to the modern pop music scene in South Africa. The beginning of her music career can be dated back to the year 2003 with the main influence being traditional pop craft.

Cici was discovered by Arthur Mafokate (a.k.a King of Kwaito) in the SAADA (South African Arts & Development Association) talent search, which is a non-profit organization owned by Arthur. He then signed her to his record label, 999 Music and eventually became her manager.

[h]Arthur Mafokate's Assault[/h]
In july 2017, Cici left 999 music to join Ambitious Entertainment. This came after she filed reports of assault against Arthur Mafokate at the Midrand police station. The report led to his arrest and subsequent release on R500 bail.

[h]Music Career[/h]

The pop & R&B sensation who is a former 999 signee is not new to the music industry as she has marked her name in golden words by sheer work and talent having previously worked with Mafikizolo as well as showcasing her talent on Idols SA and SA popstars.

Her seamless vocals and distinctive sound has been making moves, posing her as a true contender in the music scene with hits such as Runaway and Bad Girl which cemented her commercial success in the entertainment industry. Runway placed Cici in rarefied air as it was highly rotational on national radio and TV stations. This immensely talented artist earned her stripes as she became the winner of the South Africa Artist & Development Association auditions which were held countrywide. Her vocal ability is top class as she has also dabbled in theatre and cabaret singing. She can also be recognized through her acting career where she played the role of Lihle on the South African drama series Rhythm City and her role on SABC1’s highly popular, most glamorous, longest-running locally produced soap, Generations. Further growing in the entertainment space, Cici joined Ambitiouz Entertainment in the year 2017. She debuted her signing by releasing a heartfelt single titled Iqiniso. The single successfully gathered a sad narrative into a smooth 5 minute composition accompanied by soft instruments produced by renowned producer Ruff. Known for her sultriness, Cici made an unexpected switch with this single that volleys in between moments of piano driven calms and her silvery vocals.

[h]Busisiwe Album[/h]

Also in the year 2017, saw the release of her 12 track album, which is titled after the singer’s first name, showcases the growth of this incredible artist. Having worked with luminary producers and song writers such as Blaq Diamond, Ruff and Sakhile, Busisiwe is a compilation that reveals that Cici’s music has taken a new direction while continuing to mark her name in golden words by sheer work and talent. Renowned for her incredible unique vocal ability and distinctive sound, praises of Cici and her singles titled Iqiniso and Amandla Akho have been reverberating throughout the South African musical mainstream. Iqiniso is an emotional song looking at the hidden truths of her past relationship, it gives a perspective of what was unknown to the public. Her growth can be measured by her achievements thus far in her journey, she took home three 15th Annual Metro FM Awards for Best RnB single, Best Styled artist/video and best compilation feature. She has also been awarded the SABC Summer song winner and landed herself in the SABC most played song Top Ten category. Cici is plans to release more music in 2017 and grow her sound and craft her performance ability to an ultimate high, along with releasing top of the class visuals.

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