Azzle Majob
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Real Name: Shebambo Emedio Baloyi
AKA: Azzle Majob
Date of Birth / Age: 20th May, 1998 (24 years)
Country: South Africa
Hometown: Mokopane
Net Worth: 85


Shebambo Emedio Baloyi (born 20 May 1998), better known by his stage name '''Azzle Majob''' is a South African rapper,songwriter and record producer born in Tshamahansi, a village in Mokopane in Limpopo province of South Africa.Emedio grew up in the village where he was raised by his single mother Jane Kekulu. He is most known for the track "Keep It Real"Produced by DJ Blaster as well as the powerful track "Emit" which features Nick Mk.Emit was the first Hit to reach 20 thousand+ downloads in all of his songs.

== Early life and career ==

Emedio Baloyi originates from Tshamahansi in Limpopo Province.He started rapping at the age of Thirteen, having been influenced and inspired by his friend Criusel MacCaine who was a rapper at the time.He eventually mastered the process of music production and began recording his vocals on the beats he was making, later signing and performing to different events of Maff |Mokopane annual art| and Too Much Sauce with the help and management company by DropBeatsRec.
The stage name 'Azzle Majob' was suggested to him by his first team {Z-squad}members he ever worked with.Later the crew was expanded and change name from Z-Squad to Dope boys which was owned by Pizzy Bone.2013 he left the group and
His dream of having his own Record label became true when he made his local unregistered studio called DBrecords [DropBeatsRec].He therefore started recruiting rappers to work with under the label,During 2014 the label was the most loved in his village.

== Music career ==
Azzle Majob released his first track ''Catch the Crime ''with Criusel MacCaine on 19 August 2013.07-March-2015 he dropped first mixtape titled Why did i say goodbye.The track stolen the hearts of music lovers by the time he was getting invites to perform it during school events.That year he dropped his first EP named |R's to 30s|
.2016 he made his second album named Last Blood which contains tracks like KEEP IT REAL and PRETENDING the fore 2017 dropped another EP "Until I'm Done" This EP was the highly rated because of one best track titled EMIT and was the most downloaded EP.2018-aug-07 he drpped a mixtape titled PLEASE

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