Astryd Brown
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Real Name: Astryd Brown
Date of Birth / Age: 7th August, 1991 (31 years)
Country: South Africa
Hometown: Eldorado park, Soweto, South Africa.
Net Worth: Unknown


Astryd Brown is an RnB singer and songwriter from Eldorado Park, Soweto. She is currently under the record label Playground Productions which is home to Yung Swiss & Ricky Tyler. Few artists have the vocal capability and versatility that her voice does and lets be real, she is a badass beauty, one of the most noticeable baddies in the game to come out of SA. Astryd flaunts this talent with such ease over a vast range of musical genres despite being a primarily RnB singer.

Astryd Brown’s musical career started when she was featured on the track RAIN by Mark Stent Vs Pascal & Pierce.
The song gained more attention when it was remixed by a group of notable local and international DJ’s among them being, So Schway, Hendrik Joerges & Drumhide.

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