Arlik Wire
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Real Name: Moh’d Tohir Abdulmalik
AKA: Truth Monster
Date of Birth / Age: 8th April, 2001 (23 years)
Country: Nigeria
Hometown: Kogi State
Net Worth: 17000


Few months ago, The Sets Record boss Matt signed a new artiste called Arlik Wire, but today the name Arlik Wire need no
introduction in Nigeria Music industry and music scene in Africa. Presently Arlik Wire is one of the most searched Nigeria celebrity
on search engines, this is one cogent reason we want to officially introduce him to the entire world.
Born Moh’d Tohir Abdulmalik poparly known by his stage name as Arlik Wire is a fast rising Nigerian hip hop rapper, Afro beats singer,
songwriter, recording artiste , stage performer and Trapfro Artist . Moh’d Tohir Abdulmalik is an emerging artists who recently got signed to
The Sets records. Continue reading if you want to know everything about the fast rising rapper who is taking the
Nigeria Music industry by storm.
Early Life and Background
Moh’d Tohir Abdulmalik aka Arlik Wire was born in 2001 in Abuja, in the Central part of Nigeria. The 18 years old music
sensation is labelled as one of the most intelligent, handsome, gifted, skillful, creative, talented rapper in Nigeria today.
Arlik Wire was born into an Islamic family in Abuja where he grew up before he relocated to pursue his professional
music career. He was raised in Abuja, Nigeria where he completed both his primary and secondary school education and
obtained both his First School Leaving Certificate and West African Senior School Certificate.
Career and Breakthrough
According to Arlik Wire’s biography, he lived his early life in Abuja rapping in local churches and schools at his early age .
When he got into secondary school, he continue recording songs and wanting to project himself to the world but his efforts
proved abortive because he didn’t have the money to promote his music. He was still in school when he moved on to create his
own live band and not so long until he was discovered by a top Nigerian music World which has not be in action for some
years now.

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