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Country: Nigeria
Hometown: Lagos, Nigeria
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The Nigerian-born Canada based artist “Akin” pushes the boundaries of music. Mixing R&B with Hip Hop, Reggae and his African roots, Akin is a one-of-a-kind musician whose diverse background has helped him perfect an original voice that parallels his unique sound. “God is my number one inspiration and then the things I learn every day,” he says. “Life itself is an inspiration. In my short years here on earth, I’ve experienced a lot that inspires what I write about.” Raised from a family of sixteen children, Akin learned to express himself from an early age. First performing when he was seven, he grew up with music in his bones and fell in love with writing songs at an early age. “Growing up in Africa and then travelling to Canada gave me the mix of African and Western influences,” he says. “In Africa, my relatives and parents often tell me stories, that helped fuel my imagination and creativity. Also, living in North America added cultural diversity to my style of music,” says Akin. “My personal vision is to uplift and inspire people through my songs.” Such passion to tell untold stories sets him apart from other musicians. Singing about his everyday life, real life events, his childhood growing up in Africa, his beliefs, as well as his experiences in Canada, mix seamlessly to create a style that is distinct and yet familiar. “I sing about real life issues that everyone can relate to – world issues, family issues and so on” The universal appeal of Akin is sure to make him a household name. The personal experiences of this up-and-coming artist not only set him apart from other musicians, but also offer a unique perspective on issues affecting everyone’s lives.

Honoured at the 2012 CAC (Canadian African Caribbean) Unsung Hero's Award with a medal for his contribution to 'Connect2End Violence' an initiatives by the Peel Regional police of Canada to help eradicate gun violence in the greater Toronto area. Nominated for the top 25 immigrant awards in Canada for 2009, nominated for the Black Canadian Awards in 2012. The winner of two Toronto Exclusive magazine awards and one African Entertainment Awards.

His song "Harmony" is a song written to help stop the spread of violence, encourage unity and world peace. "Harmony" is the second single from Akin's "True Stories" E.P album. The song was #1 on CHHO FM (Saint-Léon-le-Grand, Québec) for 14 consecutive weeks making Akin the longest artist in their chart history and the song is currently getting massive airplay on other major commercial stations across Canada; commercial radio stations which includes G98.7 FM in Toronto, CJIT 106.7 FM in Lac-Mégantic, CKCW/K94.5 Moncton, NB, CFLX Sherbrooke, QC, CFDR MIX 103.7 Fort McMurray, AB, CKSR Chilliwack, BC and so on. The song is available on iTunes starting on 'June 10th 2014' and the artist is donating 50% of the proceeds to "UNICEF Canada" in support of their initiatives to fight poverty in the remote areas of the world. "I feel we all have a part to play,” he said. “People are so quick to blame offenders or government officials or others for violent acts but if we all play our part we can make the world a better place together. It's first within and then without; let's check ourselves, make a change and be better.” says Akin. Through his prolific talents, Akin shows he is a 21st century storyteller.

His new single “Nigerian girl” is the first single from his up-coming African album. The song is written to celebrate the truce values of "African women" and "Black women". His new songs show off the best tracks of Afrobeat music. Blending various influences into one, it defies stereotypes to offer critics and fans alike, a true original sound that will leave any listener wanting more. Through his prolific talents, Akin shows he is a 21st century storyteller.

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