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Real Name: Tumelo
Date of Birth / Age: ,
Country: South Africa
Net Worth: Unknown


• Rapper, Producer, Composer, Vocalist, Songwriter and Music Director, from Graskop in Mpumalanga province AB Crazy (AB) derived his nickname after he did a song for a jingle for a community radio station which he called “AB is crazy”.
• He completed his high school education (Grade 12) in 2005 and then enrolled for a Tourism diploma in 2006 with Tshwane University of Technology: Nelspruit campus.

Music career:
• His first break was when he entered and won a Lowveld Pop Idols Music Competition back in 2002 while in high school.
• He was also later named Mpumalanga’s Best Hip Hop artist in that year.
• In 2007, he decided to follow his dream and passion to be an artist. He moved to Jo-burg and joined Octave Couplet.
• While working with Octave Couplet he produced for the likes of HHP, Khuli Chana, Teargas, Zeus, Morale, Slikour, Psyfo, Kaspa, Hydro, PH, JR and also produced the channel O “MC Africa all around the A” track which featured other African artists (Naeto C, Zeus, Nazizi, Tamarsha, Cybil Knight, HHP) which earned the group best producer for Hype awards in 2009.
• In 2010 he left the Octave Couplet to pursue his solo career as an artist. After leaving the group he released his first singles Flying High, Dreaming, I want it all, etc.
• He later on in 2010 did his mix tape (Gossip Folks) which was never released but sold privately and his songs got airplay and media on Ligwalagwala FM, YFM, TRUFM, Capricorn FM and hype magazine in 2010
• In 2011, PhiKay Entertainment, a company co-owned by his long time manager since 2005, invested in the AB Crazy brand and is responsible for managing him as an artist.
• In 2011, he released his debut music video Man of the Moment as independent.
• During 2011, AB Crazy also featured, along artists like Pro Kid, Stoan, and Mr Selwyn, in the track by Speedy called “Pop Bottles”.
• During mid 2011, AB Crazy joined Cashtime “fam” six months project which involved producing an album called “Now or never” which he also intended to use as a mixtape before releasing his solo debut album.
• He produced some of the Cashtime “fam” hits like Goodbye, Get Down (Part 2), Till the end of time and Now or Never (intro).
• AB Crazy has also featured in music tracks like “I’m that Boy” with Typhus as well as “Man Tonight” with 2lane.
• Once the Cashtime album project was complete he decided, during early 2012, to focus on his career as a solo artist and suspended all live performances with the Cashtime “fam”.
• To listen to some of his work, you can search for AB Crazy on youtube.

Live performances:
• During the 2010 Soccer World Cup, he performed in Mpumalanga at the fan fare venues and represented the youth.
• AB has performed with Cashtime fam in various big events and has also performed in various events as a solo artist which includes various clubs as well as events in Maseru (Lesotho).

• AB crazy is a jack of all trades because he writes, produces and composes all his songs which are hits and he believes he is the next biggest hip hop artist Africans and the rest of the world need to hear.
• Man of the moment is also featured on DJ C-Live Hip hop mixtape “The Tastemaker”.
• He also won SHIZ NIZ Mixtape King 2011
• Flying high reached number 1 on Yfm’s The Bomb and Top 40 Urban charts for 2 weeks and Dreaming # 2 on Yfm hip hop Hot99, Man of the moment # 4 Top 40 urban charts.
• AB Crazy has also appeared in various magazines and newspapers such as Lowveld Living, Hype, I speak Hip Hop, Achieve Lowveld Magazine, Sunday World, to name a few.
• AB has also featured on music tv channels like Vuzu Entertainment, Live, Club 808, Soweto TV, Jam Alley, Craze E, Shiz Niz, Head Rush, to name a few.
• AB has also appeared in other tv programmes like Powerball on SABC 2 as a guest, Supersport as a guest on Robert Marawa show as well as with Sunrise
• AB Crazy has become a household name in the hip hop industry in South Africa and other neighbouring countries.
• The plan is to grow the AB Crazy brand across Africa and the rest of the world.
• AB Crazy music tracks, “Man of the Moment” and “Dreaming” are also to be used as theme songs for a tv series which is still under production.
• AB has also done some chameo in music video like “Hands in the air” by Speedy and “Number One” by Psyfo.

AB has kept in touch with his fans through social media. His fan page on facebook is called “AB Crazy” and his twitter handle is called “@tumeloabcrazy”

“Hip Hop Community, we present you the man of the moment …AB Crazy….”


“AB Crazy becomes TV's Man of the Moment Mbombela - Born and raised in the dusty streets of Graskop in Mpumalanga, Tumelo Dibakwane, better known as AB Crazy, is climbing the ladder to fame. The 23-year-old hip-hop artist and producer has released a hot music video called Man of the Moment, which is gaining fame following a video shoot in April. "I've decided to write and produce my own He is currently featured as one of the hottest hip-hop South African DJs on 5fm's C Live mixed tape. Dibakwane's manager Kanyanta Kapolyo said the young man's first album was proof that more was still to come in the South African music industry. ”
Mandla Khoza - channel24

“AB is known for his habitual use of classic samples to give his sound a unique 70’s and 80’s feel. His repertoire includes hits sampling artists from the Motown era and beyond. However his use of samples is not limited to overseas icons as he also does justice to hits from the Sophiatown generation like Letta Mbulu and Caiphus Semenya. Some people are cynical when they get told that he did the first forver young by jayz on his charts. Some music pundits have compared AB's artistry and production skills to those of US’ Kanye West and Pharrel Williams. They wonder how loony he'll go behind a G-Series if he was afforded the opportunity to work behind such a celebrated sound board. “The advantage that AB has is that he sings quite well too. So ontop of being an award-winning hitmaker he also provides hooks to musicians”, adds Malomane. AB's other advantage is being an Afrikan where music is part of the cultural heritage and every season - pain, joy, excitement and trauma. ”

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