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Real Name: Amukelani Irvin Baloyi
AKA: A4, God'zFavourite
Date of Birth / Age: 12th November, 1996 (25 years)
Country: South Africa
Hometown: Mokopane
Net Worth: Unknown


Amukelani Irvin Baloyi born (November 12, 1996) known by the stage name A4 is a South African recording artist and songwriter originating from Mokopane, Limpopo born Germiston, Gauteng. He is known for being a half member YMA4.

Early beginning
A4 started making music after his long-time best friend Young Mahasi introduced him to hip hop music at the age of 15 when they were still in high school. His former stage name was Amza4lyf when he was working with Young Mahasi. Young Mahasi taught A4 how to write lyrics when they were in the 10th grade and they joined together as an item under the stage name YMA4. At the age of 17 A4 changed his name from Amza4lyf to A4, using the last two letters from their joint name YMA4. A4 associated with Lil Tryder and DJ Spiros under Pasion Records. He continued to use the name YMA4 with Lil Tryder without associating with Young Mahasi as YMA4LT. Later in 2014 A4 moved to Young Mahasi's Five Star Records.

Music Career
A4 as a member of YMA4 he professionally released two mixtapes from 2017 to 2018, B.F.F Is Ready (2017) and B.F.F Is Ready 2 (2018).

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