Bottom Baby EP

Album by Yung Swiss

About Bottom Baby EP

The project is probably the most sonically driven project to drop from one of the new comers in the game. Bottom Baby is 11 tracks deep with some notable features. K.O steps out of his comfort zone and spazzes on Jungle. By stepping out I mean I've never heard Mr CashTime on a beat like this. Let's go on. Where The Work At brings in Nadia Nakai who complements Yung Swiss. He also holds his own. Moving onto Last Bullet which brings to life the crooner that Yung Swiss is. There is a special message on this track and he really opens up.

The one thing that will ensure you enjoy listening to this project is the interludes at the end of each track. They really glue the project together and make for a single minded narrative. The EP highlights the progression that Yung Swiss is taking in SA Hip Hop.