Origins EP

Album by Timo ODV

About Origins EP

ORIGINS comes after the release of 3 hit singles from the producer/singer/DJ – his debut single ‘Save Me’ peaked on almost every chart in the country and was awarded Gold Status by the Recording Industry of South Africa in August 2015, as well as a South African Music Award Nomination for ‘Record Of The Year’. The follow up single, ‘Find My Way’ dominated the main iTunes chart in SA on it’s release date, as well as matching the success of ‘Save Me’ on SA radio with #1’s across the board and even the #1 position as the Most Shazamed song in South Africa. 2016 saw the release of his third single, ‘I Need You’. A slightly darker production with a bass-heavy chorus and detuned choral vocals, the song delivered yet again on his promise of quality deep house beats infused with expertly crafted lyrics and vocal melodies.

ORIGINS is a culmination of 5 months of writing and self-discovery by TiMO ODV. He describes his inspiration for the EP as ‘doing and making what he loves’. He chose to name the release ORIGINS because at the start of his journey, people assumed he was just a singer, when in truth he only learned to sing so he had vocals for his songs. ORIGINS now showcases both sides of him as producer and songwriter equally.

The official single from the EP, titled ‘Make You Love Me’ features the sultry vocals of fellow Universal Music artist, Ryki. As well as featuring 3 new productions geared for the club, the EP bolsters remixes from UK-house sensation Luvbug as well as Dutch legend, Gregor Salto (Physical Copy Only).