About Apes With Shades

"From the arty interludes to the actual tracks, the diversity of Apes with Shades is scaringly good, not once revisiting the same idea, nor producing the same tune twice. Arno Carstens’ unmistakable voice is as good as ever, and the rest of the Nudies (Theo Crous, Adrian Brand, Francois Kruger and Arno Blumer) put on a rock ‘n’ roll showpiece that’ll put some hair on the chests of indie bands, remind you of the time when Barney Simon ruled the radio waves and how you loved the smell of beer on your Doc Martens. The riffalicious ‘Apes with Shade’ and ‘No Good for You’ will get the crowds moshing like they’ve just heard ‘Bubblegum on my Boots’ for the first time, while ‘Will of an Animal’ and ‘Godlike Man’ will help you recall all the magical puffs you took on the rooftop of The Doors nightclub.

All in all, Apes with Shades cements the Nudies’ position as one of the most influential bands in the history of South African music (as if there was any doubt. Pftt). It’s out of the ordinary, imaginative and entertaining – what more could you want?"

- Review by Sergio Pereira