Diamond In Africa

Album by Da L.E.S

About Diamond In Africa

The album Diamond In Africa by Da L.E.S contains 10 tracks which features top artists like <a href="http://amdb.co/music/artist/aka/" target="_blank">AKA</a>, <a href="http://amdb.co/music/artist/maggz/" target="_blank">Maggz</a> and <a href="http://amdb.co/music/artist/nadia-nakai/" target="_blank">Nadia Nakai</a>. The production credits include: <a href="http://amdb.co/music/artist/gemini-major/" target="_blank">Gemini Major</a> who also appears on Da LES current single <em>Lifestyle</em>. Les lead the project with <em>Up To Something</em> which released months back.