Stogie T - By Any Means

This is Cortee

[Hook: Emtee]
Gdala ngudla nzama ugphusha but they didn’t listen
Now they call me and they tell me they just tryna kick it.
(?) now you try to visit.
Tell the people acting like I wanna (?)
I’m still gon get it by any means
I’m still gonna get it by any means
I’ma gon get it by any means
I never panic, watch me dashing through by any means.

[Verse 1: Stogie T]
This is really just a walk in the park whistling to women showing me love.
Come see me.
Do your whole tour in my off-week
I’m in Ausjel with Black Coffee n1gga.
And I’m off my pen in sync with the flow
It’s Stogie T they playing the role.
I paved the road that led you on, it’s all to me.
Compare with me, I do it well
(?) from a little city, that you know was hell.
Europeans greet me Je m’appelle.
It was hard for my babe, we had struggled to pay.
She started out with a n1gga, now it’s hard to figure (?).
I’m on a boat b1tch.
Stomach out like Jo’burg gig.
Summer time, ocean deep
Album out, it’s golden mix.

[Repeat Hook: Emtee]

[Verse 2: Yanga]

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